about us

Waitan is the confluence of two confident culinary identities.

A place where the new China and confident Singapore food traditions are remixed for a food focused Sydney audience.

With a price-tag surpassing the $10 million mark, the ambitious two-level, 2,500sqm venue extends beyond serving the most delicious and unique contemporary Asian cuisine this city has yet to bear witness to; Waitan will act as a cross-cultural ambassador, introducing Australians to the reality of a new-age Asia.

Our Passion

Embraces both tradition and progress; paying homage to the ‘old’, whilst celebrating the ‘new’ sophisticated Asia

Managing Director, Patrick Tian, restaurateur behind the success of some of Australasia’s finest restaurants, has been enlisted to bring the same magic to Waitan. Ching is passionate about Waitan’s truly unique offering to the Australian market:

“Waitan embraces both tradition and progress; paying homage to the ‘old’, whilst celebrating the ‘new’ sophisticated Asia. As well as new ‘constructed’ Asian favourites, we will be bringing back the French Gourmand tasting menu with a unique eastern twist; we want to offer Sydney’s dining-set the opportunity to delve deeper into Asia’s rich culture, in a setting that redefines expectations of these cuisines.”

Waitan offers intimacy through world-class interiors
Despite its size, Waitan offers intimacy through world-class interiors that skillfully divide the space into distinct enclaves, each with its own unique character.

world-class interiors

Main dining hall

In the main dining hall, diners will sit amongst the action with an exhibition-style kitchen, noodle/dim sim bar and main bar serving some of Australia’s most premium spirits. The open wood-fired duck oven delivers perfectly crisp skin, succulent meat with a deliciously unique smoky flavour.

Private dining rooms

14 private dining rooms have been designed for cocktail events, business and corporate functions and intimate gatherings for family and friends. Each room is a different size to cater for the event. Of note are the Grill Rooms which cater for parties of 6-18 and offer a private chef; taking the Chef’s Table concept to a new level.

Finally, the Library is a members-only space where guests can sit back, sip on a glass of the finest cognac or single malt whisky and ponder over which of the beautiful artworks they’ll be adding to their collection.